About a week ago I posted about how my class completed our first ever project-based learning activity for ELA. I’ve had a barrage of e-mails and Facebook comments asking for more information on the programs we used! I never like to leave people in the dark, so here are the 5 multimedia programs we used for our PBL activity, with a student project photo!
This can be used for timelines or to show the process of doing something.
Allow students to come in before school or at lunch to record. They can also login at home to work on it.
Tell students how many slides to use – 4-5 is usually a good amount.
Give students a template with photos so that they don’t spend too much time formatting and adding images to their presentation.
Have students print their Wordle to add to their presentation.

Don’t forget that you can get the full project-based learning resource with student printables, teacher examples, and rubrics here!