Multimedia Projects for 6th grade - ELA Project-based Learning

For the last two weeks, my students have been working on their first project-based learning activity for ELA.The premise was simple, you have been hired by the Mayor to research famous women and decide who deserves a local holiday.

I’ve been determined to spiral all those ELA standards at least one more time before the state test makes its way into our lives. It’s our first time testing for Common Core this year. I don’t have nearly enough time to reteach everything, so we’re applying skills we’ve learned this year in bulk.


After a lot of research, my students began their multimedia projects using their computers. We worked on using and citing sources extensively, and I had zero instances of plagiarism! My students used Prezi, Narrable, TimeToast, Google Slideshow, and Wordle.

I’m so impressed by how their projects turned out! They each presented to the Mayor (me!) and the residents of their city (their class). We all had our rubrics out to grade each presentation and follow along with each important element they needed.
If you’d like to try this project out with your class, I have the Project-based Learning for ELA resource available here. It includes all the graphic organizers, citing sources pages, rubrics, and many more examples and pictures.
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