Are you looking to simplify your work wardrobe?

This past year I had enough with the ridiculous routine I had for getting ready. I had an entire walk-in closet full, minus the small corner my husband had left to use. I could never find anything and I hardly ever wore most of the pieces. A lot of them had shrunk or just didn’t fit the same after washing. After years and years of this, I had enough. I ran to Pinterest to find out how to simplify my wardrobe, while still enjoying my clothes.

On Pinterest I found out about capsule wardrobes. A capsule wardrobe consists of a few basic pieces that are timeless. They’ll always be in style and any new pieces you buy can be worn with them. Most capsule wardrobes are basic solid colors, but that’s not my style.

Soon after, my 6-piece modified capsule wardrobe was born! I bought 6 quality pieces that could be worn in 6 different combinations, and any new blouses I buy in the future will easily match.

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These Beautiful Black Pants

These blank pants are high waisted and SO comfy. They’re a stretch-band top and zipper on side. They’re great for work and at home! The best thing is, they’re not the “skinny” style, but they’re small enough on the bottom to fit into a pair of boots. It’s hot out here year-round, so I’m always wearing my comfy $20 ballet flats!  Slide2

Find these pieces: Similar Blouse | Pants


Find these pieces: Similar Blouse | Pants


Find these pieces: Blouse (Different Print) | Pants

This Classy Comfy Skirt

Navy skirts go with EVERYTHING, and this navy skirt is perfect for teaching. It’s long enough to be modest and pleats in a way that is very flattering. You can pretty much tuck in any blouse and you have the perfect outfit.


Similar Blouse | Skirt | Blazer (Tan) Blazer (Pink)


Blouse (Different Print)Skirt | Blazer (Tan) Blazer (Pink)


Similar Blouse | Skirt

These Fun & Comfy Accessories

I own a LOT of shoes, but this $20 pair from Amazon is the pair I wear pretty much every day. They’re comfy and flexible and never rub or cause blisters. They also come in nude, which I’m definitely ordering soon to add even more variety to these outfits.

I get all of my jewelry from Rocksbox. It’s $19/month and they send you 3 pieces at a time. You tell them what type of jewelry you want and they send it. I usually ask for Kendra Scott necklaces & earrings. These pieces usually run about $50-$100 a piece, so I’m happy to rent them. They always come in great condition and when you’re done wearing them you just send them back with the prepaid mailer. The best part is that they send you your next box the day USPS scans in your return, so you never have to wait more than a few days for your new set!


Monthly Jewelry Rental: Rocksbox

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Shoes: Dexflex

After simplifying my work wardrobe I’m feeling a lot better. I have more time to do other things since I’m no longer digging through my closet and I’m spending less money on clothes because I have quality pieces.

I challenge you to simplify and create a fun and simple wardrobe!