Welcome to my blog! I’m so excited that you’re here! In 2010 I started blogging about the one thing I’m most passionate about: teaching. The blog has evolved a lot since then, including the addition of my teaching resource store and some wonderful guest bloggers.

I’ve been teaching since 2008, but I’ve worked with kids ever since sixth grade when my teacher paired me up with a first grade buddy to tutor in reading and math. I made my first lesson plan and worksheet that year: and printed it all out on that continuous feed paper. Do you remember that stuff? I think I spent more time taking off the perforated edges than making my lesson plans!

When I graduated with my teaching degree in 2008, I moved to a different state to work in a Title 1 school. I fell in love with teaching 5th grade and taught it for many years! I also taught reading & math intervention and 4th-6th grade high achieving & gifted students. I’ve taught every ability level and personality type. Being a hands-on and visual learner myself, my focus was always on differentiating activities to reach every single student.

Performing in Education

Thanks to many teachers looking for new high-interest teaching ideas, Performing in Education took off in 2014. Since then I’ve been working with teachers online and in person to help meet the needs of their individual students. I love connecting with teachers around the world and I feel like I learn even more from them as they do from me!

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Thank you for all that you do for your students! You ROCK!