My favorite professional development books for project-based learning!

I’m a huge advocate of project-based learning, but I know it comes with its challenges. Even though I’ve been doing PBL in my classroom for over 6 years now, I continue to read every new book that comes out about PBL methods so that I can address those challenges with the most current research-based information. Here are my favorites!

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Planning Project-Based Learning With The Standards In Mind

The #1 concern I hear from teachers that want to implement project-based learning is that they just don’t have time to do PBL because they have so many standards to teach. There is good news for those teachers: Project-based learning can (and should!) be used to teach and apply your standards.

Included in this post are the ways that I plan my PBL activities around our standards.

Intentional Planning

My first year teaching,

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What Homeschooler's Need To Know About Project Based Learning (PBL) from the perspective of a classroom teacher working with homeschoolers.

Why PBL Benefits Homeschoolers

When I first started doing project-based learning, I saw it as a tool for teaching the 30+ students in my classroom in a more authentic way. I wanted to make connections to their home life, while showing them that the skills they’re learning in school have a real purpose.

It didn’t dawn on me that PBL could actually be used at home until some of my friends started homeschooling their older kids using some of the same projects that I used with my class.

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I’m a huge advocate of literacy within project-based learning. It provides a context for reading and discovering new information. The following books are books that I love to use for project-based learning! You can get more information on starting project-based learning in your classroom by clicking here.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. You don’t have to purchase them through my links,

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4 things you need to get started with project based learning

Project-based learning is becoming increasingly popular because it’s an engaging and authentic learning experience for kids. If you’re new to project-based learning and looking to get started, check out the four things I think you absolutely have to have before you begin!

Don’t know a lot about project-based learning? Check out this blog post for information on the basics of project-based learning. 

A real-life problem or scenario

The hardest part when starting PBL is coming up with a real-life problem or scenario to base your PBL around.

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I’m always trying to sneak in discussions with my students about financial literacy. It’s grossly under-taught in school, even thought it’s the MOST important topic kids (and adults) can learn about!

Below are my recommendations for chapter books that include financial literacy topics. Work these into your regular ELA lessons or plan a financial literacy unit around them!

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. You don’t have to purchase them through my links,

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