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5 Ways to help reluctant writers | If you have students that struggle to write, read this post!


It’s no secret that kids struggle with writing. Writing is an art form and takes years and years to master. Here are some ways to help your reluctant writers begin their journey!

Give them engaging topics

I often find that giving them too many choices can make it even more difficult for them to write. This is why I almost never say “write about anything”. Provide students with inspiration by giving them articles to spark their interest.

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classroom management compliments

Hi teachers! I’m Retta from Rainbow City Learning, and I’m so excited to be guest posting today on Performing in Education!

Have I ever told you what a great job you are doing in your classroom every day, and how grateful I am for the difference you make with our future citizens? That morning meeting yesterday? You totally rocked it with your thought-provoking lead question!

Who doesn’t love a compliment?

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Grading Rubric

In 10 years of teaching I’ve found that my grading philosophy sometimes defers from what’s expected from administrators and parents. We give students tests ten times more than we did when I started teaching. Of those tests, many of them are tests with over 40 questions. I’ve seen my students experience serious anxiety over these tests and I’ve seen the parents angry and confused when their student that’s been getting As on all the assignments pulls in a C as their final grade because they weren’t feeling well the day of the test.

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Hello Everyone!  My name is Lyndsey, and I teach middle school ELA.  I also share resources at my TPT store, Lit with Lyns.  I’m super excited to be a guest blogger for Performing In Education!  I’ve really been looking forward to giving you more info about Digital Differentiation using Hyperdocs.

*Before I even begin to get into Hyperdocs and how they work, I first have to say that they have totally changed the way I teach…and for the better! 

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Project-based learning: driving question

Whether you’re a frequent user of project-based learning or a newbie, you know there are a lot of different parts to it. One of the parts that I think often gets left behind is the driving question. The driving question is the question you pose to students in order to get them to investigate a problem or process. Students will learn or practice key standards while exploring the driving question,

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3 Ways to Build a Community of Readers

Hi!  I’m Sara from The Colorful Apple.  As a child, my friends and I would talk about the books that we were reading while we ate our PB&J at the lunch table and on the bumpy bus rides home.  Something tells me I wasn’t your typical kid though.  So, how do we get our students to discuss books?  To share their favorites?  To reveal why they abandoned a book?

Here are some things I’ve used in my classroom to encourage my kids to talk about what they are reading and to encourage each other to pick up a good book.  

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