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We’ve all heard it… the suggestion to write an individual plan for every single student in your class in order to differentiate instruction. The last time I heard this, I went into panic mode. I had 96 students and about 20 minutes of solid planning time.

In the defense of the well-meaning administrators suggesting that we write down a plan for every student, they want every student to succeed. Luckily us teachers do as well.

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math drills

Our students are in desperate need of repetition.  Repetition of spelling, capitalization, and punctuation rules, repetition of math facts and processes, scientific methods, and names and dates of historical events.  But, forcing our students to ‘memorize’ conjures up horribly negative memories for us all.  When I hear the phrase, ‘Drill and Kill,’ an image comes to mind of students struggling through pages and pages of math problems, students assigned to write spelling words until their little hands ache,

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one-room schoolhouse

I started a one-room schoolhouse – and you can, too.

Heather Betsworth, Ph.D.

Founder/head teacher, Arbor Vitae Academy (Frankfort, KY)


The picture I’m about to show you is scandalous.

This woman, who teaches in the one-room schoolhouse standing behind her, has no petticoat. Carries no pointer. Wears no scowl. Heck, you can even see a thin stripe of flesh between her pantaloons and pointed toes,

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This post includes my affiliate link. I don’t get paid for these posts, I just love it so much that I have to share it! If you do sign up, please use my link so that I can get a little free credit! Thank you!

How it happened

I always struggled with what to wear to my classroom. I’m mostly a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal,

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teacher reflection

If you’ve ever found yourself second-guessing yourself as a teacher, you’re not alone. There are times when we all struggle with some aspect of teaching. We compare ourselves to other teachers and often miss what we do really well. Daily journaling and reflection is a great way to rediscover what you’re doing right as a teacher.

Reflection happens constantly in teaching. We reflect during and after most lessons, especially the ones that don’t go as planned.

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digital storytelling

Happy New Year, everyone! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be guest blogging for April. I LOVE her blog and feel blessed she is allowing me to share my passion for technology with her readers!

My name is Jennifer Kimbrell, and I share my thoughts and ideas over on the blog Tech with Jen. I have been in education now for over twenty years,

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