Interested in Project-based Learning? Start Here
Interested in project-based learning? Start here.

3 Ways to Build a Community of Readers

Hi!  I’m Sara from The Colorful Apple.  As a child, my friends and I would talk about the books that we were reading while we ate our PB&J at the lunch table and on the bumpy bus rides home.  Something tells me I wasn’t your typical kid though.  So, how do we get our students to discuss books?  To share their favorites?  To reveal why they abandoned a book?

Here are some things I’ve used in my classroom to encourage my kids to talk about what they are reading and to encourage each other to pick up a good book.  

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Positive notes home with template

Positive notes home are a classroom management strategy that I believe is under utilized. It just takes a few minutes at the end of the day to write 1 or 2 of these notes to send home with students that have worked hard that day. I often send home positive notes for the struggling students that meet a small goal, especially if the goal is behavior-related. Check out these 3 reasons why you should try sending positive notes home,

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Project-based Learning

What a privilege it is to be a guest blogger for my friend, April! We both have a passion for project based learning and I always learn from her PBL blog posts.

I’m Sandy Cangelosi. I share my technology tips, ideas for project based learning, and resources for your classroom at  Sweet Integrations. I’m now retired from many years of teaching at the middle school and elementary levels.

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Project-based learning rubric and self assessment

Project-based learning is a whole different type of learning activity. Students think outside of the box during PBL, so how do you assess them? A test at the end of the project doesn’t seem sufficient with all of the work they’ve put in researching and problem-solving for their project.

This is why I use rubrics & self assessments during my project-based learning activities!

Using Rubrics

When I complete my project-based learning activities with a class,

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classroom community

One thing that I always try to pride myself on as a teacher (and as a person) is staying positive. In fact, one time a student told me, “The more boring the topic, Mrs. Veise, the more excited you are!” Um, yeah. Guilty. I will get happy, jump-up-and-down excited for the most boring of topics, including grammar (for more about how I make grammar interesting, see this post). If you pretend it’s fun for long enough,

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valentine's project


I LOVE holidays, and my students do too! We celebrate Valentine’s week with a math PBL and every Valentine’s day reading passage, science experiment, and writing prompt I can think of to go with it! Here are some major reasons why you should use project-based learning with your students this Valentines Day week!

Valentine's Day PBL

Valentine Day PBL available in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade (math focus).

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