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winter writing prompts

Winter writing prompts are a fun way to get students excited about writing! In this post you’ll get 15 super fun writing prompts, and some ideas on how to keep the excitement going in other subject areas!


A notebook for journaling is a great way to keep all of their writing organized. It’s also an easy way to keep it all together for grading several prompt responses at one time.

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make your students love math

Why do kids hate math?

Many of us have been there: You transition into your math block to a class full of groans. You ask yourself, “How did I get here? Why do my students hate math?” After many years of teaching math to lots of different grade levels, I have a few explanations and some ideas on how to encourage your students to love math.

Why do kids hate math

High-stakes testing

It’s my opinion that math is over tested.

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individualized newsletter

Let me just say this… individualized newsletters are awesome! For the longest time I would have parents call me with questions that were answered in my monthly newsletter. It got me thinking: What can I do to get students to get the newsletters to their parents, and how can I get parents to read them?

How I ended up using individualized newsletters

Two years ago I decided that the problem was the format of the newsletter.

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 classroom reward system

Classroom reward systems evolve every couple of years, but one thing stays the same: prepping and managing some systems can be VERY difficult. Read on for the types of reward systems to try and the ones to stay far, far away from.

The Good

good classroom reward system

A good classroom reward system has a small number of moving parts. It can be prepped once a month, or even less. It should include ways to recognize individual students for meeting their goals (behavior and academic),

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Why you need a writing station

A writing station is an area designated for writing resources like dictionaries, pens, pencils, and more. It can be on a bookshelf, table, desk, or any other area you designate only for writing. Read on to find out the important of a writing station and how to create one for your classroom!

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Why you need a writing station
Keep Resources and Supplies Organized

Keeping your writing resources in one place is a smart strategy.

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how to plan project based learning

Not sure what project-based learning is? Start by reading this post first!

Choose a topic that will inspire your students

The most important part of PBL is choosing a topic that your students will be interested in. You can choose a general category (animals) or zoom in on a specific topic (penguins). It’s up to you! Keep an eye on your class for a few weeks to figure out what they’re interested in.

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