Math Project Based Learning: Field Trip To Space & Paper Mache Planets

Project-based learning
The countdown has begun! We now officially have 3 weeks of school left, and next week is our last full week. As the school year comes to a close, I feel very grateful for the adventurous group of students I have this year. They are truely passionate for learning!
Today we completed our Field Trip to Space Project-based learning, which spanned across subjects to Reading, Writing, Science, and Math. Two weeks ago my students dived into this project, making calculations for the cost of the field trip, while doing some research on our solar system. They have been obsessed with it; they come into my room before school and do more research, they ask questions, and they tell stories about the field trip to other students. I am loving their enthusiasm!
This project is great for the weary teacher counting down ’til the first day of summer. It’s also great during the school year to get students engaged while practicing Math standards!
Just a couple of the awesome destination options!
 Creating  project “buy-in”
 Using volume to create 3D models
 Using research to design a papier-mâché model of a planet
 Less than $10 in materials for the entire class!
 Let the creative juices flow!

 You can find the entire PBL resource here!

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