You’re probably here because you’re on the fence about the Erin Condren Life Planner. Before I show you all of ways I use mine to stay organized, I’d like to sweeten the deal by offering you $10 off using my referral link. Part of the reason why many people are hesitant to invest is the price, and this coupon helps a bit!

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A couple of months ago I finally made my decision on my 2015 planner – a little late, I know. I was able to snatch the 2015 Erin Condren Life Planner right before they closed up shop for the release of the new one. I figured that I’d try it out for 6 months, then decide if I wanted to pay full price for next year’s edition.

For the last couple of years, I’ve kept everything in my phone. I utilized my calendar, to-do list, and about 10 other apps to stay organized. I was still pasting post-it notes everywhere, because I always seemed to miss something. I knew I needed something on paper, but it needed to have EVERYTHING I needed for work, school, home, and my business.

My first trip was to Walmart, looking for a discount planner. All I found were basic calendars. Same thing at Staples. I finally hit the internet and discovered a few planners that were highly recommended for teachers and teacher creators like myself. After viewing many youtube videos and blog posts, I decided that Erin Condren was the most versatile.


Yep, they definitely know how to reel you in right off the bat. The packaging reminded me of my Stitchfix boxes. It came with a package of cute little postcards and stickers, an unexpected surprise.




I ordered customized stickers for business use (except the pink ones, which are reminders to do something for our doggies).


I didn’t need these at all, but they are so fun! I uploaded photos of our dogs, friends, and family and Erin Condren printed them as stickers. I use most of them for birthday reminders, but also for big events like anniversaries.



Customizing it for my life & business

There are so many options for customizing your planner. I currently have about 40 different stickers on my wishlist, but I narrowed it down to just a few that I knew would keep me more organized.


The photo above is the weekly pages included in the planner. I use the monthly calendars for events, but the weekly pages let me breakdown all of the tasks I need to accomplish. The header stickers are from Simply By Heart. You tell her what you want written and the font and they show up on your doorstep shortly after! I chose for mine to say TPT, Personal, and Work, so that I could use my weekly pages for reminders and to-do lists. I also ordered the matching flags to indicate really important reminders. The shop owner, Jasmine, has been kind enough to offer a 20% off coupon for any orders placed before 6/30/15. Just enter the promo code Educator20 when you check out.


Hello AshleyAnn stickers in my new horizontal layout planner… I LOVE this layout!


I just had to have these WordPress stickers and checklist stickers from Hello AshleyAnn. I blog using WordPress, an these are just perfect for putting blog post ideas to keep me on track while blogging over the summer. She also sells sets for each month in beautiful, vibrant colors. The July stickers are awesome! You can stock up on stickers for your new planner using the coupon code EDUCATIONAPRIL for 15% off your entire order from Hello Ashleyann until 6/30/15.

Something that I just couldn’t find, but knew I needed, was a way to track the progress of my Teachers Pay Teachers store and social media accounts. I whipped up the little printable below and now I have a space to keep track of my business each month! You can download this printable for free here. It’s fully editable, so you can choose what you want to track and add your logo to the bottom. The font shown is KG Always a Good Time.


Other Accessories

There are so many ways you can play with these planners. Being that the planner is already an investment at $50, I gave myself just a $15 budget for accessories. I already owned Pilot G-2 pens, which were highly recommended for this planner.


Joann’s Fabric had some great finds in their scrapbooking section. I got each of these items for $1.


I already had a variety of stamps and stamp pads. They still sell this stamp set at Joanns, which I got for $4 with a coupon. It has small stamps that represent pretty much everything I use my panner for: There’s a birthday present, house, star, and much more. I use the corner stamp to indicate days when I’m on vacation!


I keep it all organized in a bin on the end table next to my bed. Every morning I grab the planner, read what I need to do for the day, and then throw it in my purse.

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