Rocksbox Teacher Jewelry Rental

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Teachers wear a lot of hats. We plan engaging lessons and teach students how to be good citizens while filling out mounds of paperwork and making copies… so many copies. On top of the regular responsibilities, we’re expected to dress like we didn’t just roll out of bed at 5am to get some grading in before leaving to school. I envy my husband, who just has to match a tie and a shirt and put on his one pair of dress shoes. Needless to say, I’m always looking for ways to save time and money while still dressing to impress.

Several months ago I was looking for some jewelry for the new school year when I was introduced to a jewelry rental company called Rocksbox. I felt like I needed some more “mature” jewelry in my quest to look more professional this school year. I’d honestly be happy to wear my jeans and I love Reading shirt every day, but I’m mentoring other teachers this year and hoping to further my career. For $19/month I was able to get three pieces of jewelry that I could wear as much as I wanted and then send back for another 3 items. There’s no need to buy any piece (but you can if you all in love) and the rentals are completely covered by included insurance if they break or get lost!

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I was pretty much ready to throw out all of the jewelry I already had (from Old Navy, Target, etc.) in disgust, so I needed something like Rocksbox. I filled out a survey telling them what type of jewelry I like and my style, and left a little note for my “stylist” telling her that I was going for more professional and mature jewelry. I got my first box a couple of days later and it didn’t disappoint. It came in this adorable little box with a reusable mailing bag and mailing label for whenever I was ready to send my 3 pieces back. They also printed my name on a little note from the “stylist” that picked my jewelry this time. I thought that was a nice touch considering it’s a rental service and I planned on getting several boxes a month.

A note from one of my favorite boxes!



The three pieces were completely my style and I was so excited to start wearing them. At the end of the week, I put the pieces back into the box and sent it back. Once USPS scanned my return label, they started packing my next box. I had the next one in just a few days. The first month I received 4 boxes of jewelry that I wore for a few days, then sent back. Everything was fantastic quality- it all looked new and nothing was ever dirty. Everything is completely sanitized and many of the pieces are new. One of my favorite parts of the service is that you can actually wishlist many of the items through their website or on Instagram. This has made it so that I got a lot of pieces I really wanted. Here are a few of my faves!


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A new feature they’ve recently introduced is the ability to have them send you a jewelry piece to match a specific outfit. This would be great for special occasions!



In one of my boxes I got a beautiful rose gold ring that was just so sparkly. Pictures really don’t do it justice. I knew I had to have it, and luckily you can purchase any of the items you rent at a discounted price. I did some research on the retail price and it was $20 cheaper from Rocksbox. Plus, you get $10 in credit every month to spend on anything you want to buy and keep. It can be temping to buy everything, but I’ve mostly used it just for rentals since I get bored of jewelry pieces quickly. This was my only keeper – at $30 it was worth it!


Eventually I would like to buy a few pieces to wear while I’m waiting for my next box, but I’m waiting for other pieces that I just can’t live without. I love that I can build a nice, quality jewelry collection and have some fun new pieces to play with whenever I want something new. This is so worth the $19/month!

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Click here and use promo code performingineducationxoxo to get a free month subscription!