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Cookie Exchange Project-based Learning (Pictured above)

During the month of December, students begin to have a hard time staying focused on their school work. They need engaging activities to keep them interested in school. My project-based learning focuses on math engagement, but it gives a theme to use for all other subject areas.

Why PBL? My guided PBL gives the students choices each step of the way, but also gives a framework so that students stay focused on the task at hand. The choices make the math much more interesting than worksheets or standalone word problems.

Project-based learning will bring a new level of engagement to your classroom!

december projects

Plan a Holiday Party

In this exciting PBL, students will plan their own holiday party using real-life math. They’ll start by creating a guest list of friends and family. The number of guests they choose determines the amount of food they will shop for and the seating for their party.

The project ends with students creating an invitation for their party. There are so many ways that students can present their work after it’s complete! Tips are included in each project for presenting projects with or without technology.

All grade levels encourage higher level thinking and build critical thinking skills!

Third grade area, multiplication, addition, and subtraction

Fourth grade area, perimeter, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and fractions

Fifth grade multiplication, division, measurement, area, and decimals

Fifth grade does not include the “candy station” component. 

3rd grade holiday party PBL
4th grade holiday party PBL
5th grade holiday party PBL



Holiday Cookie Exchange

Holiday Cookie Exchange is the ultimate PBL for fractions and measurement! Students choose cookie recipes to make for their annual cookie exchange and have to calculate the amount and cost of each ingredient needed. End this project by making cookies in your classroom (no bake are my favorite!).

 Fifth Grade– fractions and decimal operations

holiday cookie exchange pal