Classroom Wishlist

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. You don’t have to purchase them through my links, but if you do, it’s much appreciated! 

As we head back to school, I have a HUGE list of must-haves for my classroom. Some of it I’ll purchase myself before school starts, and some of the bigger items I’ll be creating a Donor’s Choose project for (did you know you can do a Donor’s Choose for Amazon items? It’s amazing!).


After 7 years, all of my organizational supplies are getting a little run down. Last year I used these boring black plastic magazine holders for centers materials. I found the ones below for about $2.50 each on Amazon. Not only are they large enough for all of my center materials, but they’re going to brighten up my room!

Last year I bought one of those cardboard book displays because it was half the price of the metal ones. I won’t make that mistake again! After about 3 months of taking books out and putting them back in, it was destroyed. The metal one below will sit on my reading table and display the Science books that I got from a Donor’s Choose project last year. Most of the books don’t fit on the bookshelf, and my students love seeing them displayed.

These rolling cart organizers are a staple in classrooms. At $35, I’m not sure how I ever went without one! All of my small group supplies were in bins on my back table and I was constantly moving everything around to make more room for kids. With this organizer, I can completely clear off my small group table! I plan on putting markers, whiteboards, folder, and more in this beauty!


This tablet-top organizer is slightly larger than usual. I own a bunch of these for small items, but this one will allow me to put a few larger items like my ridiculous stamp collection.

This will definitely be a Donor’s Choose project. Right now I’m using a small rectangular table for small groups and it’s so hard to get more than 2 students back there. Unfortunately, my school doesn’t have the funding for new furniture ever, so Donor’s Choose it is! I can’t wait to see this beauty in my classroom! At $233 with free delivery, this is half the price of going through the educational supply companies! Yay Amazon!


This Facebook Like stamp is actually a repeat purchase because I ran out of ink on mine last year! I noticed that a lot of my fourth graders were rushing through work and weren’t exactly incorporating what I taught into their work. Before students could move on, they had to receive a “Like” from me, which meant I saw it and it was completed to my expectations. After using it for a few weeks, I had a lot fewer students trying to turn in incomplete work. This would also be a great stamp for homework!


I LOVE anchor charts. I use chart paper for everything from directions to mini-lessons. Last year I bought four different type of anchor chart markers. The Scentos markers are extremely popular, but the curved tips made it difficult to write quickly. My absolute favorite are these Sharpie Flip Chart Markers. They’re rounded tip so they show up bold and allow you to write quickly. My current set is actually still going strong, but it doesn’t hurt to have a backup set!

I also love these for when my students do projects with posters. I plan on adding 8 sets to my first Donor’s Choose project for this purpose! Regular markers run out so quickly and they aren’t as sharp and easy to read as these.

These handheld sharpeners are the best, ever. My students tend to buy the ones from the dollar store that break in a few weeks. At only $1.59, I plan on stocking up so that there are always two of these in each group bin. It drives me crazy when they have to get out of their seats to sharpen and I’m very protective over my electric sharpener!

This $14 pencil sharpener is supposed to be amazing for colored pencils! I plan on buying two and having a station for my weekly helper to sharpen all the colored pencils for our group bins. We use colored pencils for everything: underlining text-based evidence, color-coding parts of our writing, interactive notebooks, and more!

This is THE best pencil sharpener for teachers. You won’t want to let your students near it, it’s so amazing. The one I bought 2 years ago is still going strong, but I wanted to link it up here anyways in case you don’t already have one. You NEED one of these!


For the last few years I’ve used a table top scent warmer and it’s been amazing to help with the classroom smells (especially in the hot weather). I’m trying to get everything off of tables since I have such limited room, so two of these will help replace my old warmer and won’t take up any extra space!


Unshakable by Angela Watson is not only on my summer reads list, it’s on my school year read list. This will be a great book to keep on my teacher’s desk throughout the year when I need a little extra motivation!

I know I’ll be buying a lot more than these items, but these are my top picks! Click here to view my blog post on the mentor text I bought for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade language arts!