winter writing prompts

Winter writing prompts are a fun way to get students excited about writing! In this post you’ll get 15 super fun writing prompts, and some ideas on how to keep the excitement going in other subject areas!


A notebook for journaling is a great way to keep all of their writing organized. It’s also an easy way to keep it all together for grading several prompt responses at one time. Create a tab in their notebooks for winter prompts, or create a notebook just for winter writing. I like to have students decorate their winter writing notebooks with snowflakes, mittens, and other fun winter icons!

Making Connections

  • Read books about the topic you’re journaling about. Short stories and mentor text are great for the upper grades.
  • Search for science experiments that match the winter theme. There are a lot of great snow and snowflake experiments out there!
  • Make a connection to social studies by talking about the origins of certain traditions and holidays.
  • Do holiday math with grocery store ads, party planning, and even cooking recipes. Check out this blog post for more info!

15 prompts to get you started

What is your favorite part of winter and why?

Write a story about a snowball fight.

Pretend that you live in the North Pole. Describe what an average December day is like for you.

Explain how to build the perfect snowman.

Tell a story about sledding.

Describe your favorite winter activity.

Write a story about a character that really loves the snow.


Winter Project-based Learning
3rd grade holiday party PBL
4th grade holiday party PBL
5th grade holiday party PBL



You wake up and there’s so much snow that you can’t leave your house. What do you do for the day?

Tell about a time your family went on a trip or outing during the winter season.

Which do you like better: rain or snow? Explain why.

What is your favorite winter tradition or holiday?

Write a story about ice skating.

Write a story from the perspective of your main character, a penguin.

What is your favorite food to eat in the winter? Why?

What is your favorite beverage to drink in the winter? Why?