Home Chef Delivery

Guys, I’ve been pulling recipes of of Pinterest and meal planning for so many years. I used to love pinning recipes, but now I’m so over it. I make what seems like a million decisions every day and I want to just come home, relax, and enjoy my babies!

When another teacher told me she was getting meals delivered, I was so excited to try it! I’ve always been so skeptical of these type of services because I’m so picky. Here’s the honest opinion of a very hard-to-please eater.

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What Is Home Chef?

This isn’t technically a subscription service by definition. The way it works is you get a box of homemade ingredients, packaged together for each recipe, and recipe cards. You log into your account the week before delivery to choose which dinners you want delivered. There are usually 10 meals to choose from, a breakfast, smoothie, and fruit. You pay for what you want – at $10/serving. This is about what we were paying for takeout, except we were overeating and it was NOT healthy.

Home Chef
Here’s our box with 4 (2 serving) meals!

The items are delivered with some really fancy space-age cooling packs. Everything is the perfect temperature when it’s delivered, even if it’s sitting on the porch for a while on a hot day. I feel good knowing that if I do have an issue, they’ll make it right. There’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Home Chef
Everything was the perfect temperature!

Just throw the labeled bags in your fridge and grab it when you’re ready!

Home Chef
Everything is already measured for you!
Home Chef
Packages are labeled with the recipe name.

How long does it take to cook the meal?

Prep time varies, but everything is already measured out for you, so it’s usually less time than it takes me to pick up take-out. It’s a little more effort than take-out, but it’s so much fresher and so much healthier. If you don’t have a lot of food choices near you, I especially recommend this service over eating the same take-out every week (which is what we were doing).

Remember, everything is already measured. Just open and use! No. more. measuring.

Each menu shows how long it will take and a difficulty level. We choose a meal based off of how we’re feeling that night. All of the meals are good for 5-6 days, so certain supplies won’t go bad if we wait.

Home Chef
We ordered 2-serving meals and had leftovers!
Home Chef
The steps were easy to follow and took about 20 minutes for this recipe.
Home Chef
Step 2 from our card: foil for easy clean-up! They think of everything!
Home Chef
The meat was super fresh and ready to cook. No trimming needed!

Ok… so it’s easy. But how does it taste?

This was my biggest concern. I like good, filling food. We used to try different recipes of of Pinterest and we’d try 30 before I found 1 I liked. So far I have loved EVERY meal they’ve sent us. It tastes like food from a restaurant. It’s fresh and delicious!

Home Chef
It seriously looked just like the photo on the card, even though we’re not fancy chefs!
Home Chef
Two servings made 2 huge plates. We even had leftovers for my husband to take to work the next day.
And my husband loves it too. Can you tell?

What do you do the other days if there are only a Few meals you like?

A couple of weeks we’ve only gotten 4 meals. We usually go out for a family dinner one night a week, and other nights we keep it simple with something like quesadillas, spaghetti, or grilled cheese. My husband makes a 10 minute trip to the store for just the necessities now, so we always have the basics.

How Do You Order, And How Much Does It Cost?

Boxes are sent every week. You choose delivery either every Thursday or Friday. The week before, you log in and choose your meals. If you don’t log in, it defaults to your preferences. I have mine set for must have meat and must not have fish. Usually when I log in the choices they have as a default are what I would pick. I have 5 meals as the default, but in next week’s order I’m getting 6 dinners and 1 breakfast. You can choose as many, or as few meals as you want.

Home Chef
This week’s delivery – I included a breakfast meal!

You can choose just 1 meal, or a week’s worth. There’s no contract or requirement to order a certain amount each week. Order what you want!

Home Chef
Next week’s choices.. also with a breakfast, because look at that photo!

Still on the fence?

Try it today and get a $30 credit! You can start with just a couple meals to see if you like it!
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