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  • Teaching Authentic Revision & Editing

    Getting students to work through the revision & editing process in writing can be a huge challenge as a teacher. It tends to go the same way for most teachers I know. You start off the year with a strong focus in the area but just seems there isn’t enough time to constantly keep up […]

  • Plan Thanksgiving Dinner Using Math Skills

    In this post, I’m going over my favorite Thanksgiving math project: Plan Thanksgiving Dinner!  Every year, our school puts on a Thanksgiving dinner for the students and their families during lunch time. I realized during this celebration that my students had no idea how much work it was for the staff to put this on. […]

  • Beginning and Ending Personal Narrative Pieces

    Beginning and ending personal narrative pieces can be a challenge. These simple tips will help you create an easy, engaging lesson for your students! Planning Mini-Lesson Students can get stuck when it comes to beginning and ending their personal narrative. To keep them on track, we plan it out after our story outline (their personal […]

  • How I Teach the Writing Process in Elementary

    Last year, a panicked teacher e-mailed me and said they had taken a practice writing test and her students did not follow the writing process. They went straight to writing the one and only draft that they would eventually turn in. This is a writing teacher’s worst nightmare. So, how do you ensure that your […]

  • Simplify Your Writing Instruction: Free Membership

    Writing instruction doesn’t have to be complicated. Unfortunately, many teachers have either too much time and no curriculum or too little time for the complex curriculum they’ve been given. I’ve experienced both situations in my time teaching upper elementary. The stress writing puts on teachers became apparent to me when I first started doing the writing […]

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