Valentine's Day Fundraiser

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It’s officially the month of LOVE! This month I’m excited to show some extra love to my favorite charity: The American Cancer Society. Every April, I participate in Relay for Life on a student/teacher team that raises money for the ACS. Our students make crafts to sell,

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I’m so excited to welcome an incredible fourth grade teacher named Stephanie Michael to the blog today! She used the classroom escape challenge Escape from Emoji Island™ with her students, and they loved it! The gameplay is structured similarly for all of the different grade levels and subjects (even Planet Emoji), so you can get a pretty good sense of what it’s like to use one of these escape challenges in your classroom!

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I’m always looking for new, fun ways to have students learn and practice our standards. This year, the rise in popularity of escape rooms and escape classrooms really inspired me to figure out how they actually work in the elementary classroom. This post will give you some hints on how to modify the escape room idea for an easy-to-manage classroom escape challenge!

Looking for classroom photos of my escape rooms in action? Click here for my Escape Room Tips &

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Extended STEM Snowflake Science Blog Post

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Here in the desert, my students don’t get many chances to encounter snow. Our weather is actually pretty mild, so when it comes to standards like natural hazards, we have to branch out past what they already know. This is one of the reasons why I’m excited to tell you about my newest project: Snowflake Science STEM.

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New Years Resolutions for Teachers

As we head into the new year, what is your biggest goal for your classroom? Today I’m introducing an activity I do every year before returning to school from winter break: I set a New Year’s teaching resolution (and goals to go with it).

Why I make a resolution

We get a totally fresh start with our students in the new year. What better time to reflect on the last half of the year in order to make the next half even better?

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When I first started teaching, reading homework was the bane of my existence. I spent countless hours pulling worksheets that matched what we were learning, and using a good portion of my copy allowance. My fifth year teaching, I moved into a teaching position where I taught only language arts – to 3 grade levels. I knew I had to change how I did reading homework, or I wouldn’t survive the year (or have enough copies left over).

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