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  • Teaching Authentic Revision & Editing

    Getting students to work through the revision & editing process in writing can be a huge challenge as a teacher. It tends to go the same way for most teachers I know. You start off the year with a strong focus in the area but just seems there isn’t enough time to constantly keep up […]

  • Plan Thanksgiving Dinner Using Math Skills

    In this post, I’m going over my favorite Thanksgiving math project: Plan Thanksgiving Dinner!  Every year, our school puts on a Thanksgiving dinner for the students and their families during lunch time. I realized during this celebration that my students had no idea how much work it was for the staff to put this on. […]

  • Beginning and Ending Personal Narrative Pieces

    Beginning and ending personal narrative pieces can be a challenge. These simple tips will help you create an easy, engaging lesson for your students! Planning Mini-Lesson Students can get stuck when it comes to beginning and ending their personal narrative. To keep them on track, we plan it out after our story outline (their personal […]

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