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  • How I Teach the Writing Process in Elementary

    Last year, a panicked teacher e-mailed me and said they had taken a practice writing test and her students did not follow the writing process. They went straight to writing the one and only draft that they would eventually turn in. This is a writing teacher’s worst nightmare. So, how do you ensure that your […]

  • Master the Grammar Mini-Lesson: 10 Minute Grammar Tidbits

    Learn the benefits of a grammar mini-lesson! One of my biggest struggles with teaching writing is fitting in time for grammar. My students desperately need it, but we barely have enough time for them to write, much less for me to teach the grammar concepts! This is why I mastered the mini-lesson with both grammar […]

  • 4 Steps to Organizing Project Based Learning

    In project based learning trainings, it seems like there’s always something important left out: organization. I believe that organization is a key piece of the PBL structure. These 4 steps will get you organized and ready to start any project based learning scenario! One of the major stresses that comes with implementing project based learning […]

  • NASA Resources Classroom

    4 NASA Resources You Should Use in Your Classroom

    NASA Resources for the Classroom Science project based learning is a great way to incorporate science, math, and ELA standards. There are a lot of resources online for all topics, but my absolute favorite source is NASA. They have a large variety of resources on different topics, and the photos are AMAZING. These free resources […]

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