Simplifying Reading Homework

When I first started teaching, reading homework was the bane of my existence. I spent countless hours pulling worksheets that matched what we were learning, and using a good portion of my copy allowance. My fifth year teaching, I moved into a...

Teaching Figurative Language Lesson 4th, 5th, 6th

Teaching Figurative Language with Mentor Text

I love teaching reading, and figurative language is one of my favorite standards to cover. It’s not as easy to teach as it used to be, with new standards and testing requirements. Unfortunately, with the pressure of testing and rigor, reading...

3 Simple Strategies For Improving Comprehension

Welcome!  I am a secondary science teacher in an urban district in upstate NY.  I am taught Earth Science, Biology, Environmental Science, AP Environmental Science, as well as middle school integrated science. I am excited to share some strategies...

3 Ways to Build a Community of Readers

3 Ways to Build a Community of Readers

Hi!  I’m Sara from The Colorful Apple.  As a child, my friends and I would talk about the books that we were reading while we ate our PB&J at the lunch table and on the bumpy bus rides home.  Something tells me I wasn’t your typical...

project-based learning

Incorporating Newsela into Project Based Learning

What a privilege it is to be a guest blogger for my friend, April! We both have a passion for project based learning and I always learn from her PBL blog posts. I’m Sandy Cangelosi. I share my technology tips, ideas for project based learning...

How I Turned My Students into Readers

I began teaching language arts exclusively two years ago. At the time, I imagined my classroom as one filled with students that loved to read. That was not the case. What came to me was a group of students that would do strange things like pretend...

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