Promote writing in your 4th-6th grade classroom


print anchor charts

How to Print Anchor Charts on the Cheap

Anchor charts are a wonderful tool in the classroom. My students help me create anchor charts every day that we use for future lessons. However, it can be a pain to create anchor charts that model a lot of content – especially for writing...

Narrative Nonfiction Mentor Text

Mentor Texts for Teaching Narrative Nonfiction Writing

Narrative Nonfiction isn’t a new genre, but it is new to many teachers. The good news is that a lot of the elements of creative writing are applicable to this writing type. The new part is teaching students how to use informational sources to...

3 December Writing Units to Keep Students Engaged

Phew! The December struggle is REAL! The students are antsy, the teachers are burned out, and even though we just had a few days off for Thanksgiving, we need another break already! So, to tackle this problem, I’ve developed three writing...