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Classroom Supplies & Resources: Must-Haves!

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Whether you’re headed back to school or looking for new ideas mid-year, you have to check out these must-have resources! Read on for my must-have classroom items!



Ok, so no pencil sharpener is completely indestructible (especially around kids), but this is the closest I’ve found. My search for the perfect (or at least working) pencil sharpener started my first year teaching. After my first three electric sharpeners broke, we used the 1920s manual pencil sharpener that sprays pencil shavings for a while before I was willing to try buying another. Two more sharpeners later, our principal bought us all one of these for our classrooms. I now personally own 3 of these X-Acto pencil sharpeners and they’re all still going strong.

You’re probably wondering why pre-sharpened pencils is also a “must-have” when I have such an amazing sharpener. I have a rule that absolutely no pencil sharpening happens after the first 5 minutes of class. Usually my trusted pencil-sharpening student takes care of this for me, but there’s always that day where you either go through all the sharpened pencils by 10am or your pencil-sharpening student is out sick and you forget to assign someone else. This is also probably the day someone comes in to observe you, and the last thing you want to be doing is sending a kid to mess with the pencil sharpener!

I always keep a few boxes of these pencils on hand for these circumstances, and I put them on the student supply list as well!

Click the picture to check these out on Amazon, where I’ve found the best price so far!

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First Day of School Book


Every year I introduce my students to the book Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind. The book is about a classroom participating in a read-a-thon. A few students hate reading, but Miss Malarkey is determined to find them all a type of book they will love.

I use this book the first day to introduce the activities we do to get students involved in reading. We have a special classroom library, coloring bookmarks, and more! Check out this blog post for more information.

Classroom Resource (PBL for the year!)


My favorite type of activity in my classroom is Project-based Learning. This starter pack has 5 high-interest activities that are Common Core aligned to 5th grade Math. It also includes connections to the other subject areas. The detailed teacher guide tells you everything you need to know to use the PBL in your classroom!


The seasonal PBLs are very high-interest as well. You can find them separately here, or in the Ultimate PBL Bundle here.

Free Resource for Organization


If you have any devices in your classroom or school, you NEED these info cards! Hand them individually to students so that they can write down all of their different usernames and passwords and then keep a copy for yourself on a binder ring with the cute cover seen above. Download them for free here! These have been such a huge help in my classroom!

Hopefully these supplies and resources can give you some ideas to add to YOUR must-haves list!

After you’ve downloaded my freebie be sure to visit each of the blogs below to add 12 more FREE RESOURCES to your own collection of things you can’t picture yourself teaching without. Afterwards swing by our collaborative blog, Upper Elementary Snapshots for lots of great content and ideas you can put into practice in your own classrooms as well as a chance to win gift cards to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Teachers Pay Teachers so you can stock up on your own Classroom Must Haves.

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