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Who is it for?

This membership is for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers, or any teacher or homeschooler looking for resources for those grade levels. If you're a middle school teacher looking for fun ways to provide remedial math skills, this is also the membership for you! The project based learning training course that's included is geared towards classroom teachers, but the following modules would be also great for homeschoolers: The Building Blocks of Project Based Learning, Planning, Pacing, Critique and Revision, Final Products & Grading. Over $250 worth of resources are included in this membership, and I am constantly adding to the value!

What Members Are Saying About The Club

Emily W.

Teacher Member

“My students have a difficult time making connections from class to the “real world.” These projects are so helpful in making that bridge for them to see how important these concepts are! Not to mention, different steps can be easily switched out for differentiation, which is a major plus in my book. I use April’s products for my “life skills” section of my day and mainly use her 3rd grade math PBLs and my students enjoy each and every one – they don’t want to stop and when we pick up the next day, they are so excited to see what part of the project we’ll be doing next!”

Amy L.

Teacher Member

“Not only is this club an excellent place to talk to other teachers and gain ideas on how to use the projects, but the projects themselves are SO MUCH FUN that the students don’t even realize they are working. I can’t imagine not having these projects in my 5th grade class!”

Renee J.

Homeschool Member

“My daughter struggled with Math skills early on despite the various methods I attempted. I started home schooling her and it’s been a difficult 1.5 years. We completed the Winter Project together in 2 days. The next week, she saw the Valentine’s Day Party was on her agenda. She secretly completed the entire project on her own. I was shocked. She had tears flowing down her face as she told me she didn’t have any anxiety. She kept saying, I didn’t need the calculator! She felt confident in Math for the first time. The next day we took the project to a new level. We went shopping for items for her own Valentine’s Day party for our family. We headed to the bakery, Party City for decorations and other fun stuff and to grocery store for drinks and snacks. She followed the project by writing down what she needed, the quantity, subtotal, and stayed within budget. I can’t thank you enough for giving her the confidence to complete Math skills without tears. We are excited to complete the other projects. Again, thank you.”

Lifetime Access To The Club

The club is NOT a monthly or annual charge. Your one-time purchase includes lifetime access to everything in the club.

$190+ in Pre-Made Resources

The club gives you access to all of my current and future project-based learning activities for grades 2-6. Easily differentiate for your students by choosing a project that is tailored to their individual needs!

New Resource Alerts

When I make a new PBL, I'll send you an email with a direct link to the new resource. You can download it instantly, for no extra charge!

Complete Training Course

Gain access to a complete training course on planning and implementing project-based learning. Watch the video above to see what is taught in this 7 module self-paced course!

Additional Printables

Inside the course, you will have access to even more printables to use while implementing PBL in your classroom. You'll have access to differentiation planning pages, student critique pages, a rubric, and more!

E-mail Support

E-mail me at any time to ask questions about project-based learning. I'm here to help you fully implement PBL in your classroom!

Implementing Project-Based Learning From Start To Finish E-Course

As you watch the video lessons in each module, you will get specific information on everything from planning and pacing your PBL to how to grade it. You will also get printable materials that can be used during the implementation of PBL in your classroom.

Every Pre-Made PBL In My Arsenal

Get a ton of pre-made lessons that you can print & implement. Every project-based learning activity I’ve made is included + all future ones.

$190+ Worth Of Pre-Made PBL Activities

All of the following projects are included in club membership + all of the new PBLs I release in the future! Easily differentiate for students that need a challenge or extra practice.

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