Making Financial Literacy Connections: A Must-Try App!

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This post is sponsored by T. Rowe Price and Scholastic. I only share resources and ideas that I know will benefit my readers. The ideas and opinions are all my own.

Did you know that the month of April is National Financial Literacy Month? This is a great time of the year to work with your students on financial literacy! Whether or not your standards explicitly include financial literacy, it’s a great thing to teach your students at all ages.

Every year in 5th grade, we begin to work on our personal budget project. Students learn about making good financial choices, careers, and savings. When Scholastic reached out to me about a game created by T. Rowe Price that includes similar concepts, I knew it was a match made in heaven.

The game is called The Star Banks Adventure® game and it incorporates quizzes on financial literacy topics with puzzles that students have to solve to earn money to buy things.

Star Banks Adventure® Game: Financial Literacy

The game covers the following financial literacy concepts:

  • Setting a Financial Goal
  • Rate of Return
  • Prioritizing Spending
  • Inflation and Time Horizons
  • Asset Allocation
  • Diversification

These concepts might sound difficult for your students, but I felt like the game would be appropriate to use in Grades 3-12.

Why teachers will love it.

Scholastic always has the teachers in mind when they create something. This game is no different. A teacher dashboard is provided and it allows you to track students AND includes data.

The more your students play it, the more data you will be able to see. You can use the graph as a quick way to see which concept your students are struggling with as a whole, or you can view each individual student’s progress.

You can find data under the “statistics” tab of the teacher dashboard.

Why students will love it.

  1. This game allows for students to make choices and manage their money the way that they want to.
  2. The game has all of the elements of games that my students already like. The sounds are fun, the graphics are superb, and it’s easy to navigate.
  3. The puzzles are super fun, but also challenging. Each puzzle has a purpose and the coins they earn are used to meet the goal for something they want to buy.

Star Banks Adventure® Game: Financial Literacy


Making connections from your game to your financial literacy lessons.

With any app or game, it can be temping to just hand it to your students to keep them busy when you have some downtime. If you do that, this game is definitely a good way to use their time. However, I feel like this game can be used strategically during your financial literacy lessons to introduce or practice specific concepts.

  1. Think about aligning your lesson with one particular part of the game. For example, teach a lesson about inflation, and then guide students through that part of the game. Afterwards, have them discuss or journal about what they learned about inflation. The game provides good examples of these concepts in real-world situations, so use that to your advantage.
  2.  Use the choices students make in the game to group them for discussion on financial literacy topics. In part 1, “Setting a Financial Goal”, students choose between three bikes that have different costs. Ask students which bike they chose and group them based off of that choice. Let them play through that level together and then have a discussion on the results. You can also group them heterogeneously, so that they can argue their choice.

Getting Started

Getting started is super simple! You can check out all of the resources and information they have to go along with the app here.

  1. Sign in to Teacher Dashboard on your desktop or via the app. Creating an account is super easy.
  2. Create a Classroom. Students are given code names, so that their real names aren’t used. Under Manage Classrooms, Click “Print Classroom” to print a list of the code names to assign them.
  3. Have students play the game! The app can be easily downloaded onto any device.

This will be a great tool to add to your financial literacy toolkit!

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Written by
April Smith