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This 5-day project-based math resource applies math concepts in a real-world scenario to teach students about order of operations. In this 5-day unit, students will solve equations using order of operations to plan a summer barbecue. This order of operations math project is engaging and authentic. Plus, it’s available as both a digital and print resource.


This project-based math resource covers concepts of evaluating expressions using order of operations and is aligned with the following 5th Grade Math Common Core State Standards:

Use parentheses, brackets, or braces in numerical expressions, and evaluate expressions with these symbols.

Write simple expressions that record calculations with numbers, and interpret numerical expressions without evaluating them. For example, express the calculation “add 8 and 7, then multiply by 2” as 2 √ó (8 + 7). Recognize that 3 √ó (18932 + 921) is three times as large as 18932 + 921, without having to calculate the indicated sum or product.


This resource is available in both Printable & Digital Google Slides versions.


What’s included in this resource:

  • Background Knowledge: Using a KWL, students will build background knowledge about planning a summer barbecue.
  • Order of Operations: Using the included instructional pages, students will learn how to solve equations by following the order of operations.
  • Food Options: Students will record what each guest at the barbecue is eating.
  • Estimate Food Costs: Using order of operations, students will estimate the total cost of serving 10 guests.
  • Add and Subtract with Money Using the included instructional pages, students will review how to add and subtract money with decimals.
  • Make a Grocery List: Using order of operations, students will determine how many packages of each food item to purchase.
  • Clip Coupons: Students will calculate how much money they can save using coupons.
  • ‚Ä¢Go Shopping: Using order of operations, students will shop for supplies for the barbecue, keeping track of their total money remaining.
  • Design an Invitation: Students will create an invitation to send to guests.
  • Wrap Up: Students will write up their final barbecue plan and explain their decisions.



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