5th Grade Place Value Review


5th Grade Place Value Review 00020

Escape from Emoji Town features decimal place value, comparing decimals, and rounding whole numbers. This resource is aligned to fifth grade standards and it's great for the end of a unit or test prep! If you're a Common Core state, this is great for 5.NBT.A.1, 5.NBT.A.2, 5.NBT.A.3, and 5.NBT.A.4.

Are you looking for a more engaging was to practice the math standards during test prep time or at the end of your place value unit? Escape rooms are the most fun way to review the standards while encouraging team work, critical thinking, and problem solving! In this classroom escape, students will compete as teams to escape Emoji Town!

This team escape challenge is great for teams of 4-6 students, up to 8 teams. The best thing is, you don't have to prepare envelopes for every single team. This activity was created to be much easier to prep than the traditional class escape challenge. You will use far less paper and far fewer envelopes than other challenges.

Supplies Needed:
5 large manila folders (total)
1 letter envelope (total)
Copies of this resource

Your bus breaks down on the way home from a class field trip. You see a small town ahead and decide to go find someone to help you call a tow truck. Something seems weird about this town. You just can’t put your finger on it, until a giant yellow circle appears before you. Is that… an emoji? You find out that this town is full of emojis! Even its mayor is an emoji, and he thinks it’s fun to play with humans. The Emoji Mayor tells your class that in order to escape Emoji Town, you and your classmates must race to solve the puzzles and clues that the emojis throw at you. Only one team will make it out of Emoji Town… will it be yours?

Estimated time for this escape: 60-90 minutes.

During this game, they will practice:
★ Decimal place value
★ Read, write, and compare decimals to thousandths
★ Use place value understanding to round decimals
★ Powers of 10 (alternate challenge included without exponents)

I also provide something very important for a group review game: individual student booklets to keep ALL students accountable. These are called escape logs in the game.

I've even provided a way to prevent one student from doing all of the work. Directions and special cards are included in the game to help manage it so that all students are competing equal work and successfully working together!

Don't bore your students with worksheets for review - let them ESCAPE EMOJI TOWN!

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5th Grade Place Value Review 5th Grade Place Value Review 5th Grade Place Value Review