Free Classroom Community Escape Room Game


Free Classroom Community Escape Room Game 00078

This free escape room game is a fun way to teach your students about teamwork, getting along, and doing the right thing! It's a mini-escape, so it will take your class about 30 minutes to complete. The initial setup time is about 15-20 minutes.

Skills covered:

  • Add and subtract decimals to the hundredths
  • Decimal addition & subtraction word problems
  • Critical thinking skills

Escape rooms are the most fun way to review skills while encouraging team work, critical thinking, and problem solving! In this classroom escape, students will compete as teams to Escape the Emoji Pineapple Farm! The emoji theme will be a favorite amongst your students.

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Supplies Needed:

  • 3 large manila folders (total)
  • 1 letter envelope (total)
  • scissors
  • Copies of this resource


Your class is excited for a tour of the local pineapple farm! After the bus drops you off, you start to explore. You soon realize that not all the pineapples are the same when one winks at you! The winking pineapple looks oddly similar to the emojison your phone…wait…is that an emojipineapple?! You know for sure that it is when you see a floating pineapple with a halo!

Just as your class realizes that there are emojipineapples all around you, one hops up to you. “I’m Head Pineapple,” he says. “This is our farm now, and you’re not leaving.”

After begging Head Pineapple to let you go, he decides that he will take mercy on your class. “I’ll let one group of you go, but the rest will have to stay and work.” He explains that he has a series of challenges lined up for your class to attempt.

The group that finishes first will get to escape from the EmojiPineapple Farm!

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I also provide something very important for a group review game: individual student booklets to keep ALL students accountable. These are called escape logs in the game.

I've even provided a way to prevent one student from doing all of the work. Directions and special cards are included in the game to help manage it so that all students are competing equal work and successfully working together!

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Free Classroom Community Escape Room Game Free Classroom Community Escape Room Game Free Classroom Community Escape Room Game