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3rd Grade Main Idea

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Escape from the Sea Emojis is everything you need to complete an escape challenge that reviews your main idea, details, and summarizing standards! Skip the multiple choice review problems and do this fun standard review instead!

My escape rooms are the most fun way to review standards while encouraging team work, critical thinking, and problem solving! In this classroom escape, students will compete as teams to escape the Sea Emojis! Best yet, it takes only 15-20 minutes to prep and needs no locks or expensive materials.

This team escape challenge is great for teams of 4-6 students, up to 8 teams. The best thing is, you don't have to prepare envelopes for every single team. This activity was created to be much easier to prep than the traditional class escape challenge. You will use far less paper and far fewer envelopes than other challenges.

Supplies Needed:

5 large manila folders (total)

1 letter envelope (total)

Copies of this resource

Markers, crayons, or colored pencils

Scenario: You and your classmates were exploring a tide pool for a science project when a giant wave came from out of nowhere! Before you could do anything, you were swept off to sea. You wake up, not sure where you are. All you know is that you’re still underwater, but you can somehow breathe! In enters King Emoji. You’ve never seen anything like him in real life before! He tells the class that he saved everyone’s lives and you should all be grateful. You ask to go home. King Emojiponders the idea for a while, then says he has enough human scuba gear to only let one team return to the surface. In order to decide who gets to go home, you will compete in a series of challenges. The first team to complete all of the challenges will put on the scuba gear and return home safely.

Estimated time for this escape: 60-90 minutes.

During this game, they will review:

★ Main Idea

★ Details

★ Recounting (Retelling)

★ Team Building

I also provide something very important for a group review game: individual student booklets to keep ALL students accountable. These are called escape logs in the game.

I've even provided a way to prevent one student from doing all of the work. Directions and special cards are included in the game to help manage it so that all students are competing equal work and successfully working together!

Don't bore your students with worksheets to check for understanding - let them ESCAPE THE SEA EMOJIS!

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