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3rd Grade Math Interactive Notebook Measurement and Data MD

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Interactive Math Notebooks for 3rd grade! These are great printable note-taking pages for each of the Measurement and Data (MD) standards. It focuses on elapsed time, measuring with parts of an inch, graphs, area, and perimeter, with interactive note taking pages for each standard. They're a great companion to your current curriculum and programs.

Why buy this resource?
This is the only common core aligned interactive math resource that not only helps your students understand the standards through models and other visuals, but helps you as the teacher understand how to teach each standard through detailed teacher directions. It also includes free e-mail support. E-mail me at any time with questions or for ideas teaching these standards.

This set also includes a note booking rubric and instructions for using Interactive Math Notebooks in your classroom.

What's Included:
Grading Rubric
Teaching Tips for each standard
Answers/Examples for every lesson
Common Core Aligned Student Pages (see below)

3.MD.A.1 Telling Time
3.MD.A.2 Measuring Liquid Volume & Measuring Object Mass
3.MD.B.3 Picture & Bar Graphs
3.MD.B.4 Measuring with Inches (quarters, halves, and wholes)
3.MD.C.5-7 Area Measurement
3.MD.D.8 Perimeter Measurement

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