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Context Clues Practice Task Cards Grade 5th 6th Social Studies

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Integrate More Social Studies Into Your Reading Block!
Task cards are great as bell work, in centers, and even for small group! Add these high-interest task cards to your test prep now!

These task cards are higher-level passages meant for grades 5-8. Each 1/2 page task card includes a reading passage about an U.S. History topic, with 3 vocabulary words. Students will use context clues to write the definition of each word on their recording sheet.

**These are complex task cards for on grade level students grades 5-6, and below grade level students in grades 7-8.

*Answer key included!

Topics included:
The Mayflower Compact
Boston Tea Party
Revolutionary War
George Washington
Articles of Confederation
Alexander Hamilton
The Declaration of Independence
The U.S. Constitution
Thomas Jefferson
Civil War
Emancipation Proclamation
"I Have a Dream" Speech
Women's Rights Movement
The Great Depression
Apollo 11 Moon Landing
September 11th Terrorist Attacks

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