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Math Project-based Learning for 4th Grade Bundle: 6 Awesome Projects!

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Check out this bundle of engaging Math project-based learning (PBL) activities for 4th grade math! These projects will help your students practice area, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and more. Each project will get them out of their seats, happily practicing Math in a real-life situation! Students will put their Math skills to work completing each project!

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Common Questions:

Why do I need 6 projects?
Each project uses math in a real-life scenario. Some projects are seasonal, while others can be used at any time in the year. Having all of these projects gives you the opportunity to do PBL in math all year long! And yes, I've had many teachers use every single project in one year. Once they do one, their students ask for more!

Click a product in the product list to see preview images of what is included. There are 6 projects included in this bundle.

Do I need to teach standards before I start this?
PBL is a fantastic way to show students the relationships between standards and real life. You don't need to wait until your standards have been taught! Most teachers incorporate mini-lessons and small group while using these projects to teach their math standards.

How long do these projects take?
It really depends on how far you take the scenarios. Some teachers like to bring in guest speakers and other enrichment opportunities during the project. If you're just doing the included activities, it will take about a week for one project. If you add other experiences, the project will take 2-3 weeks.

Projects Included
Plan Thanksgiving Dinner
-adding mixed numbers
-adding like fractions
-multiplying fractions by whole numbers
-multiplying whole numbers
-measurement (conversion from inches to feet)

Plan a Family Vacation
-multiplying a fraction by a whole number (optional)
-distance (more advanced math optional)

Plan a Holiday Party

Throw a Valentine's Party

Plan a School Carnival
-simple fractions

Open a Donut Shop
Apply The following math skills:
-multi-digit addition & subtraction
and more!

Common Core Alignment included in each activity.

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