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Percentages Project Based Learning for 6th Grade Math: Open a Surf Shop

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This fun Math project-based learning activity teaches students math and business skills while they design and plan their surf shop opening! Standards covered include geometry, money skills, graphing, percentages, and more! It's great for Common Core Math and other state standards! Help your students practice real-life and math skills with this quality math project. It even includes a teacher guide walking you through each step. Differentiation and student choice is built into all of my PBLs!

Your students will be SO excited to do math during this ENGAGING project. Students will use ALL mathematical practices and learn real-world math skills.

This is math-focused, but other subject areas can be incorporated.

Watch the full video preview:

Activities Included
Part 1: Plan Your Space
Part 2: Stock Your Shop
Part 3: Obtain a Business Loan
Part 4: Create a Profit Strategy
Part 5: Grand Opening

Standards & Skills Used
-Graphing 2D shapes on a coordinate plane using unit measurement.
area & perimeter connection later in project
-6.G.A.3 Draw polygons in coordinate plane. Solve real-world problems using coordinates.
-6.NS.C.8 Graphing points in all four quadrants of a coordinate plane.
-6.RP.A.3B Unit Pricing
-6.NS.B.3 Multiplying Decimals
-6.RP.A.3.C Find percent of a quantity as a rate per 100.
-Relate percentages and fractions
-6.EE.A.2C Evaluate expressions at specific values of their variables (V=L X W X H) using proper order of operations.
-6.G.A.4 Represent 3D figures using nets. Find surface area.
Area, Perimeter, and Volume (review)

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