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Project Based Learning Math Seasonal Bundle for 5th Grade

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Project based learning bundle - 4th and 5th grade math PBLs. Practice fractions, decimals, graphing and more with these high-interest project-based learning activities for every season!

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Aligned to 5th grade Common Core Standards, but can be used for enrichment in 4th. View the individual projects included (links below) to see if this is right for your class!

This includes *SIX* of my popular SEASONAL Project-Based Learning activities, discounted when you buy as a set! Visit the links below for a more detailed preview of each project.

Visit the links below for a preview of each PBL, or view the preview file to see each math concept and Common Core standard covered before you purchase!

Thanksgiving Dinner PBL
Common Core Standards: 5.G.A.2, 5.NBT.7., 5.MD.1. Integrates ALL Mathematical Practices! Included challenge page can be easily used for percentages in 6th. Great for Enrichment or Gifted instruction in 4th, but can be used at all levels in 5th grade!

Holiday Cookie Exchange
This project focuses on:
-Fraction Operations (add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators)
-Decimal Operations (add, subtract, and multiply decimals)

Fall Field Trip
Are your students excited about October? Mine absolutely love pumpkins, bats, and everything Halloween! This is a great activity to get students excited about Math! Project-Based Learning incorporates in-depth inquiring, voice, and choice. Students will choose two Fall field trips that interest them, then do all of the calculations to find out the total cost. They will then choose one field trip and present their field trip choice to their teacher. No prep required- just print and go!

Practice the following skills:
-Multiplying & adding whole numbers OR decimals (differentiation pages included)
-Bar Graphs
-Solving Expressions
-Writing persuasive or opinion pieces

December Plan a Winter Holiday Party
Great for 4th grade too!
Apply The following skills during the holidays:
Multiplication & Division
Converting Between Feet & Inches
Graphing Area in Square Units
Decimal Operations

Plan a Valentine's Day Party
Great for 4th grade too! Apply: Multiplication & Division, Converting Between Feet & Inches, Graphing Area in Square Units, Decimal Operations. Challenge tasks are also included that incorporate calculating tax (multiplying decimals & percent skills) and cost per serving (dividing decimals). These can be used for advanced 4th & 5th graders or your regular 6th grade class. This allows for differentiation during this project!

Halloween Bash
Are your students so excited about Halloween that they can't seem to concentrate on their work? This project will get them out of their seats, happily practicing the Math they've learned this year! Students will put their Math skills to work planning their very own Halloween party, using the guests of their choosing.

Apply The following skills:
Multiplication & Division
Converting Between Feet & Inches
Graphing Area in Square Units (whole numbers and fractions)
Decimal Operations

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