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Revolutionary War Journal for 4th and 5th grade EDITABLE Social Studies

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Connect Social Studies & Writing using these Revolutionary War Journals! They can be printed as booklets or pasted into interactive notebooks. They're also editable, so you can add your own topics and questions to differentiate for your students and match your standards exactly!

There are several topics and questions included, but remember that you can add to it and change as you please!

Topics Included:
The French and Indian War
The Townshend Acts
Boston Tea Party
The Intolerable Acts
Boston Massacre
The Continental Congress
Battles of Lexington and Concord
Battle of Bunker Hill
Declaration of Independence
The Battle of Long Island
The Battle of Trenton
The Battle of Saratoga
The Battle of Yorktown
The Treaty of Paris
Important People
Patriots and Loyalists
Native Tribes

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