This digital toolbox is for teachers that have purchased one of my digital interactive reading notebook resources.

How to Use Text to Model Reading Skills With This Notebook

Use these interactive notebooks with either the suggested mentor text (on answer key) or any book you want to use with your students.

Finding Mentor Text Online

When we created this resource, we chose books that are easy to find online and at your local library. At the time of creation, all of the book suggestions for the literature standards could be found on YouTube. We utilized books for the informational standards that can easily be found for free on Epic.

Convert to Microsoft File

These interactive notebook files can be converted to Microsoft in just a few easy steps. Watch the video to learn how!

Share/Assign Individual Slides

When you teach a lesson, you may want to share individual slides with your students. This video will show you how to do that!

Bonus Tutorial: Assign new slides into current assignments

Assigning an entire file can be confusing for students, and assigning individual pages leaves you with A LOT of files. Try this Google add-on to add slides to current student assignments!

If You Get Stuck

If you’re having trouble and you’ve tried everything, but still can’t figure something out, please e-mail me. My contact information is in the teacher document. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours, but it’s usually sooner. If you need more immediate help, try asking a student that’s great with technology, or another teacher that you know also uses Google Classroom.