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My mission is to share project based learning with the world! So far, I've reached over 10,000 teachers with my free teacher training, my online course, and my pre-made resources. Want to learn how to engage your learners in more authentic learning experiences? Sign up for my free training!

What I believe:


Students need authentic learning experiences.

Learning has to be connected to real-life in order for it to make sense for students. In my classroom, I used project based learning to teach my students in scenarios closely related to their lives and the community around us. Student should understand why they're learning each standard.


Teachers deserve support.

Support is the #1 most important thing teachers need in order to be successful. This begins with administrators, support staff, parents and teachers working together as a team. Outside support is where I come in. I not only offer training and support for teachers, but I also offer a Facebook support group where oer 6,000 teachers discuss project based learning.


All classrooms are important.

My goal is to support all classrooms. I work with teachers working in private, public, charter, and homeschool classrooms. I also donate to international schools in need through the International Rescue Committee. I encourage you to see what you can do to help students around the world on their website.

Available to order from most major booksellers:  Project Based Learning Made Simple

I'm excited to announce that my book, Project Based Learning Made Simple: 100 Classroom-Ready Activities that Inspires Curiosity, Problem Solving and Self-Guided Discovery for Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade Students is now available on AmazonBarnes and Noble, or your local bookstores.

I receive many requests each day for project-based learning topic ideas for different grade levels and subjects. This is one of many reasons why I decided to write this book that includes real, concrete project-based learning ideas. The book has 100 ideas (with step-by-step directions) for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms.

Simplify Writing™ Curriculum Membership

No more downloading random lessons or rummaging through binders. Get daily standard-aligned writing lesson plans and student materials in digital and print. 

Why I do what I do:

Feedback from my
Online Course

"I would recommend this course to anyone! It validated things that I already knew, but gave me some new tools to make my projects better. I love how accessible April is and how willing (and patient!) she is to assist in any way that she can. I feel ready to take PBL to the next level!"

Shannon R.

Classroom Teacher

"I am so excited to use this and the course with my students this school year! Thank you so much for offering such an incredible program at such an incredible value! For me, this is Above and Beyond all of the useful things I have ever purchased for my classroom! Thanks again!"

Heidi Z.

Classroom Teacher

"[My daughter and I] completed the Winter Project together in 2 days. The next week, she saw the Valentine's Day Party was on her agenda. She secretly completed the entire project on her own. I was shocked. She had tears flowing down her face as she told me she didn't have any anxiety. She kept saying, I didn't need the calculator! She felt confident in Math for the first time. I can't thank you enough for giving her the confidence to complete math skills without tears. "

Renee J.


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