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How to Engage Every
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Simplify Writing® Program

“I love this program so much because it is so comprehensive and provides both me and my students with everything we need to be successful.

Stop piecing together writing lessons and start focusing on growing your writers. The Simplify Writing® Program gives you everything you need to focus on quality instruction, conferencing, and tracking growth.


  • Daily Lesson Plans
  • Printable and Digital Student Organizers
  • Conference and Small Group Tools
  • Intervention Units
  • Grammar Lessons
  • 8 Hour Self-Paced Training

“I am so grateful for this curriculum! I am sitting right now in a quiet classroom, with kiddos that are writing so hard and working on finishing their narratives. I always dreamed my writing class would look like this, but it has never become reality until this year. I can already see so much growth in my students! Thank you!!” 

-Addie B.

Meet April

April Smith is the CEO and Founder of Performing in Education. April founded this website in 2011 to share ideas about project-based learning and other authentic lessons in the elementary classroom. She wrote a book titled Project-Based Learning Made Simple in 2017, which has been used in over 10,000 classrooms across the globe! When she noticed that teachers were struggling with writing instruction, she created her own program called Simplify Writing that is being used by over 5,000 teachers.

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