2nd Grade Project-Based Learning: School Garden – Science Text Included


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This project-based learning is great for NGSS 2-LS2-1 and related standards, as well as teaching about and practicing main idea and details in short passages! You and your students will love this second grade project based learning resource! Teach your students science, reading, and writing by planning and presenting a school garden. Your students will learn about and apply research skills, writing sentences, main idea, key details, and more during this PBL. It meets many science standards and includes science text!


This resource includes everything your students need to plan a garden from start to finish. You can have them create proposals for a pretend garden, or go the distance and actually start a school garden using this project! Suggestions are included for getting materials for a school garden.


This is the scenario: Your students are tasked with learning about school gardens so that they can plan their own proposal to submit to the school members. Grade level text is included so that students can learn how to grow certain vegetables, what a plant needs to grow and thrive, and the purpose of raised vs. in-ground garden beds!


A page is also included to explain each element of project-based learning and how this is incorporated into the project.


Skills Covered:

  • collaboration
  • critical thinking skills
  • research skills
  • writing sentences
  • main idea and key details


NGSS alignment:

  • Plants depend on water and light to grow. (2-LS2-1)
  • Related standards can be brought in to support this PBL.


All of my PBLs include e-mail support. Check the feedback below to see what it’s all about!



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