8th Grade Reading Review Game | ELA Test Prep Escape Room


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8th Grade Reading Review Game | ELA Test Prep Escape Room


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Escape rooms are the most fun way to review the reading / ELA standards while encouraging team work, critical thinking, and problem solving! In this classroom escape, students will compete as teams to escape Planet Emoji!


This is the print version.


This is the 8th grade reading version. Click here to find other grade levels.


This team escape challenge is great for teams of 4-6 students, up to 8 teams. The best thing is, you don’t have to prepare envelopes for every single team. This activity was created to be much easier to prep than the traditional class escape challenge. You will use far less paper and far fewer envelopes than other challenges.


Supplies Needed:


4 large manila envelopes (total)

1 letter envelope (total)

Copies of this resource


You and your classmates were headed on a simple field trip to Mars when something went terribly wrong. The best you can tell, your ship entered a wormhole that took you to a totally different galaxy. Your ship lands on a planet unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. You’re greeted by the inhabitants of the planet: emojis! After a lot of convincing, the Emoji Queen agrees to allow one team to use her ship to return home to Earth. You and your classmates are about to embark on a race to solve the puzzles and clues that the emojis throw at you. Only one team will make it off of Planet Emoji. Will it be yours?



Estimated time for this escape: 60-90 minutes.


During this game, they will practice:


★Vocabulary/Context Clues

★Figurative Language

Text-Based Evidence

★Point of View


★Poetic Devices

★Critical Thinking


Want a preview of my escape challenges in action in the classroom? Click Here


I also provide something very important for a group review game: individual student booklets to keep ALL students accountable. These are called escape logs in the game.


I’ve even provided a way to prevent one student from doing all of the work. Directions and special cards are included in the game to help manage it so that all students are competing equal work and successfully working together!


Don’t bore your students with worksheets for test prep – let them ESCAPE PLANET EMOJI!

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