Character Traits ELA Project-Based Learning Activity Using Wonder PRINT&DIGITAL


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Character Traits ELA Project-Based Learning Activity Using Wonder PRINT&DIGITAL


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This ELA project-based learning activity is a fantastic way to teach students about internal and external character traits using the novel Wonder by R.J. Palacio! Your students will also learn about and apply writing skills, collaboration, and more during this PBL. It includes text about character traits, teacher directions, and student pages to walk your students through each part of the project. A pacing calendar is included, but it’s flexible in order to be easily molded to your classroom and school.


Print & Digital Versions of the Student Pages are BOTH Included!


*The pacing guide includes this as a 31 day project, including the days needed to read the book (either as a read aloud or novel study).


Driving Question: How can we use character actions and experiences from the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio to make an interactive display on character traits?


This Activity

The book Wonder by R.J. Palacio is a great way to learn about how different people act in tough situations. You have been tasked with studying a character from the book and creating a piece of an interactive display our class will create on character traits.


Follow the process below to complete your project:

  1. Learn about the book and author.
  2. Research internal and external character traits.
  3. Read the book and take focused notes.
  4. Choose a character to examine. Use your notes to identify character traits for your chosen character.
  5. Recreate a character action or experience from the book for our interactive display on character traits.
  6. Reflect on your project.


Please view the preview files to make sure that the vocabulary and setup of this PBL is appropriate for your classroom. It’s listed for grades 3-8 because it can easily be differentiated for different ability levels.


Rubric included!


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