How to Print Anchor Charts on the Cheap! (Especially Long Writing Charts)
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How to Print Anchor Charts on the Cheap

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Anchor charts are a wonderful tool in the classroom. My students help me create anchor charts every day that we use for future lessons. However, it can be a pain to create anchor charts that model a lot of content – especially for writing instruction.

How I Use Anchor Charts

Modeling the writing process is a big part of how I teach writing. I often use pieces of text, or entire texts, to teach my students an important skill. The Simplify Writing® program is built around this notion (although there is a paperless option).

The Cost

Right now, Staples charges a little over $3 for a blueprint print that’s 24×36. That’s the perfect size for an anchor chart, and well worth it to save me 30 minutes writing out an entire text. Smaller print shops may offer you a better deal, and some may even be willing to donate their services if you tell them it’s for your classroom.

How to Print an Anchor Chart

First, it’s important that your file is the correct size. If you want a 24×36 anchor chart, the file must be 24 x 36. If you try to print an 8 1/2 x 11 file, it will be very blurry. I use PowerPoint to make my files, and creating a 24 x 36 file from it is super easy. Watch the tutorial below to see exactly how I do it!

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Written by
April Smith