Back to School Math: Project Based Learning 3rd 4th 5th 6th


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Back to School Math: Project Based Learning 3rd 4th 5th 6th


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Project based learning freebie for back to school! This is a great way to get your students prepared for project-based learning during the first weeks of school. This is a fantastic starter PBL for 3rd-5th.. and it’s FREE!This is a great activity to get students warmed up for Project-Based Learning the first week of school! It includes multiplication, division, graphing, and even a writing activity. This is great for teaching Project-Based Learning procedures and for reviewing math and logic skills.

All of my PBLs come with free email support, even this freebie! Check the feedback below to see what it’s all about!**

This is not CCSS aligned to one grade level like my other PBLs. It is a fun back to school activity that reviews content from prior grade levels. It also can be used the first week of school to teach project based learning procedures before students get to the more difficult grade level projects.

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Standard-Aligned Project-Based Learning Activities 2nd Grade Multiple Subjects

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