math drills

Are You a Drill and Kill Teacher?

Our students are in desperate need of repetition.  Repetition of spelling, capitalization, and punctuation rules, repetition of math facts and processes, scientific methods, and names and dates of historical events.  But, forcing our students to...

Why students hate math

Why Kids Hate Math: Turn Your Students Into Math Lovers

Why do kids hate math? Many of us have been there: You transition into your math block to a class full of groans. You ask yourself, “How did I get here? Why do my students hate math?” After many years of teaching math to lots of...

rounding lesson

Teaching Rounding (4th Grade Lesson)

Affiliate link ahead Teaching rounding isn’t for the faint of heart. It involves a concrete understanding of place value, which many fourth grade students are still working on. Using manipulatives, number lines, and interactive notebooks can...

Increase Engagement with Interactive Math Notebooks

When I was in school, I despised  Math. My least favorite part was taking the notes. It was so boring! To my surprise, when I became a 5th grade teacher I ended up really enjoying teaching Math. It was challenging at first to find ways to make it...

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