4 NASA Resources You Should Use in Your Classroom

NASA Resources for the Classroom Science project based learning is a great way to incorporate science, math, and ELA standards. There are a lot of resources online for all topics, but my absolute favorite source is NASA. They have a large variety of...

Gingerbread House STEM December STEM project-based learning

Gingerbread House Stem Project: Paper Circuits

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. You don’t have to purchase them through my links, but if you do, it’s much appreciated!  I love seasonal project-based learning, and my students do too! My newest addition to my project...

STEM special education

How STEM saved this special education teacher

I’m excited that today Kristin, a special education teacher, will be sharing her first attempt at STEM with her students! It’s always great to have a fresh perspective on the blog! I hope you all enjoy reading this post as much as I did...

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