Reading Interactive Notebook with Mini Lessons ENTIRE YEAR Bundle 5th CCSS


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Reading Interactive Notebook with Mini Lessons ENTIRE YEAR Bundle 5th CCSS



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Reading Interactive Notebook with Mini Lessons – All 5th Grade CCSS

This no prep product is a blend of lesson plan & interactive Reading Notebook. Each interactive page is paired with a mentor text to use with that lesson and a blank template in case you want to choose a different book to use. It’s aligned with Common Core State Standards and includes a lesson for each of the Literature & Informational standards.


This is a MONEY-SAVING bundle of the following two products:


Literature Standards Covered

  • genre
  • text-based evidence
  • theme
  • summarizing
  • compare and contrast characters, character traits
  • figurative language
  • plot
  • narrator point of view
  • compare and contrast stories in the same genre


Informational Standards Covered

  • informational text features
  • text-based evidence
  • main idea and details
  • summarizing
  • making connections
  • context clues
  • text structure
  • point of view
  • author’s viewpoint
  • reference sources
  • conducting research


Mentor Text Used for Literature Standards (You may substitute with another book you have)

  • Baseball Saved Us
  • Passage to Freedom
  • Fox
  • Grandpa’s Teeth
  • Train to Somewhere
  • Poetry for Young People
  • My Rotten Red-headed Older Brother
  • Voices in the Park


Mentor Text Used for Informational Standards

  • Lives of the Scientists: Isaac Newton by Kathleen Krull & Kathryn Hewitt
  • Hope and Tears Ellis Island Voices by Gwenyth Swain
  • Freedom Heroines: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  • A River Ran Wild By Lynne Cherry
  • The Transcontinental Railroad by Gillian Houghton
  • To the Golden Mountain by Lila Perl


*These mentor texts can be easily found at your public library, but may also be easily substituted with text you already have.


Find grades 4 and 6 here.


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