April Smith

Hi there! Let me introduce myself! I'm a full time curriculum designer that's been in and out of the classroom. I've taught 4th, 5th, 6th, middle school, gifted, and reading intervention. I started designing curriculum to provide fun, high-interest activities for students that need a little extra motivation. I've also presented professional development sessions, online and in person! I simplify the planning process and provide resources that drastically cut down on planning time.

A horizontal graphic with a dark background and white text that says "Master the Grammar Mini-Lesson: 10-Minute Grammar Tidbits"

Master the Grammar Mini-Lesson: 10 Minute Grammar Tidbits

Learn the benefits of a grammar mini-lesson! One of my biggest struggles with teaching writing is fitting in time for grammar. My students desperately need it, but we barely have enough time for them to write, much less for me to teach the grammar...

4 NASA Resources You Should Use in Your Classroom

NASA Resources for the Classroom Science project based learning is a great way to incorporate science, math, and ELA standards. There are a lot of resources online for all topics, but my absolute favorite source is NASA. They have a large variety of...

Classroom Fabric Bulletin Board Tutorial

Simple Fabric Bulletin Board Tutorial

Truth be told, I’m not much of a bulletin board person. I don’t find any joy whatsoever in putting them up, and I’d honestly keep the same boards up for 10 years if I could! My first few years teaching, I resisted the fabric...