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At Halloween time, I’m always looking for fun classroom games that actually keep students engaged in learning. It’s easy to get distracted by all the holiday trappings: themed food, over-the-top decorations, and wild parties. But I like to make the most of my students’ excitement by choosing seasonal activities that still incorporate the standards.

That’s why I started using escape challenges in my classroom. These popular games allow students to work collaboratively to solve puzzles, all while actively trying to “escape” a themed situation. My Escape from the Emoji Pumpkin Patch classroom games are perfect to use at Halloween time! With 3 different levels of difficulty, these escape challenges are low-prep for teachers and highly motivating for students.

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Getting Started

All my Halloween escape games include a quick start guide with all the details you need to get them up and running in your classroom in no time! Simply print the materials and place them in envelopes for students to use during the challenge. You can use the printed or digital map for students to track their progress through the game.

Divide your class into teams and read through the Emoji Pumpkin Patch simulation. The head pumpkin has trapped everyone in his pumpkin patch and only the group that solves all the challenges first can escape. Groups will work through a series of math puzzles to find the codes they need to escape.

Teams who need help can ask a friendly pumpkin emoji for a hint card. But if players aren’t careful, they might get lost in the corn maze. By the end of the game, only one team will emerge, earning a winner badge and bragging rights!

Halloween Escape Game for the classroom

Classroom Options: 3 Different Halloween Games

Throughout the game, students will be applying math skills to solve each puzzle. These Emoji Pumpkin Patch challenges focus on multi-digit addition and subtraction fluency. In my experience, students are having so much fun trying to escape the pumpkin patch, they don’t even realize they’re practicing math!

I created three different levels of difficulty for these games. While they all follow the same story and include identical clues, each game has varying levels of complexity. The grade levels below outline the differences in each game; however, you can choose the level that fits best the needs of your students.

This was the perfect activity for my 3rd graders as we wrapped up our first quarter math. Every single student loved this escape room challenge. The engagement was off the charts, and the excitement of actually escaping was so fun to see on their faces! It was easy for me to prepare, and I will use this each year. I will be purchasing more of these escape rooms for sure!

Melissa S.

Decorating Your Classroom for Halloween Games

In order to fully immerse students in the Pumpkin Patch Escape Challenge, I like to prep my classroom by adding fun decorations. Even just a few pieces of decor can help set the scene and increase student motivation. For these Halloween games, there’s a few easy ways to make this work in your classroom.

Halloween Tablecloths

Grab some pumpkin-themed tablecloths at the dollar store. These are perfect for spreading out over several desks, giving each team their own place to work. You can also use tablecloths as a wall hanging or photo backdrop.

Orange Balloons

To create the pumpkin patch feel, place inflated orange balloons around the floor of your classroom. You can add some fun emoji faces to each balloon, or let students create their own! Use a coiled green pipe cleaner to wrap around the knot of the balloon to create the stem and vine.

Glow in the Dark

For a spookier pumpkin patch, turn the lights down and let students use flashlights or glow wands as they work. Some teachers even add a black light and glow in the dark tape to transform their classroom! Use a fun Halloween-themed light set draped around the room to create an eerie feel. I love these jack-o-lantern light strings!

I love to see all the creative ways teachers are using these Halloween escape games in their classrooms! If you have photos to share, tag me on social media @performingineducation. Want more escape room games? Check out all my classroom escape challenges!

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  1. I love the glow idea for halloween! I have never tried it before. I do decorate my room a little for halloween- I have some fun light up pumpkins and some other skeleton and spider decor that I put out!

  2. Because I’m an ELA teacher, not a math teacher, I bought the Escape from the Emoji Pineapple Farm for Team Work & Classroom Community! We haven’t had a chance to do it in class yet, but I’m trying to figure out if it would be hard to turn this one into the pumpkin version for Halloween. Any ideas? If not, we can still do it as a fun, team-building activity. It looks SUPER fun and I’m always looking for ways to engage my students. They LOVE escape rooms and yours are really cute and look easy to implement. I’ll let you know how it goes!! ?

  3. I forgot to add that I love the flashlight idea! I think jr. high kids would still think that is super fun!

  4. I’m in a new classroom space this year (literally new, as it used to be a library and I still don’t have all of my whiteboards, bulletin boards, and “SmartScreen” yet), so I’m feeling a little lost on how to decorate. I usually would hang some garland along the top of the whiteboards and add some decor to my door.

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